All horses need a bit of help through  their working lives whether they are busy athletes or field friends, we want the very best for them. We have managed to put together some fantastic complementary therapies for horse and rider, can be bought as packages or used seperately to help with their general well being.


Only one of its kind, you won't find this livery packge anywhere else. Would be aimed at the short stay livery that needs acute rehabilition, for example bad respiratory, sinus and skin issues. For horses that require a longer period of salt therapy than the usual 3 day course.

Livery package will be discussed with the owner and be tailored to suit the horses requirements. The livery will include Salt therapy, Cyclo-ssage massage therapy, use of solarium within the therapies. Your horse will be on full livery, stabled with turn out facilities and can have exercise if required, or  brought back into work if recovering from injury. Owner to bring the horses feed so its diet doesn't change during their stay.

5 day stay £250 includes all therapies and livery.

7 day stay £280

14 day stay £500


This poster explains everything about salt therapy. The system is now being used worldwide in all disciplines with amazing results. Top trainers in Newmarket have the system installed in their yards with large numbers of horses having therapy each day and going on to win races improving their breathing and recovery and multiple skin issues. Darrel does clinics in this country and abroad so is reaching a wide variety of horses including racehorses, showjumping, eventing, showing, driving and hacking horses. We are so lucky to be trusted in the yards of top professionals such as John Whittaker, Richard Howley, Sir Michael Stoute, Ed Dunlop, William Haggis and Shadwell Global Operations amongst a few. This therapy can be used as a general pick me up, for long term respiratory issues, coughing and multiple skin issues. We have a salt therapy room where the horse will be held while the therapy is completed. 

We are introducing a combination of 2 exciting therapies together, Salt Therapy and Cyclo-ssage massge therapy in one treatment. The reason behind this is for more acute respiratory issues. With the help of the Cyclo-ssage massge rug, the horse will be in a more relaxed state, able to gain maximum effect from the salt therapy. 

Equine Salt Therapy £30 per session ( recommend minimum 3 sessions over 3 consecutive days)


Salt Therapy/ Cyclo-ssage Combo £50 per session.


Example of a nasty skin infection that one of our ponies got. With 8 Newmarket Equine salt therapies there was a vast improvement over a period of 3 weeks.



We are incredibly lucky to be able to offer Solarium therapy at Weston. These are known to increase blood circulation and cellular metabolism. The solarium has been shown to be extremely useful to treat horses that are prone to tying up, and very effective at treating horses with sore or tender backs. Our solarium will be used in connection with our other therapies or on its own.

Use of solarium £5


A one off package designed to give horse and rider a really good day of pampering, dealing with any niggling issues, a top up of massage and Equine Salt therapy, then enjoy a relaxing hack around our tracks. The package includes a session or Newmarket Equine Salt therapy (20 mins) with or without Cyclo-ssage massge rug (session would last half an hour with salt therapy plus massge rug). Rider can chose whether to take advantage of the Cyclo-ssage massage table while their horse is undergoing therapy. Then take advantage of our grass tracks and cross country course.

Spa Package including Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy and massage rug, plus hack £65

John Whitaker thinks so much of the salt therapy system that he made the journey from Yorkshire to Norwich to open our salt therapy unit. Darrell makes the journey to Yorkshire on a regular basis to treat his horses, and he was very happy to open our therapy room. Was amazing to see my hero walking down our yard.

We can all benefit from the salt therapy, dogs included. Milly tends to snuffle and sneeze a lot so she comes in with the horses on a regular basis, and we'v had several dogs visit us with itchy skin.