West Life - our fabulous homebred out of My Life by Don Vhp Z. Now 7 yrs old and has just contested the 7 yr old finals at Hickstead, our favourite place.


Our new 5 yr old Lexi, bought from Jake Saywell in December 2019. He had done no shows when we got him, he's a big boy so we are working hard on his flatwork and fitness. He is jumping clear rounds in British Novice and Discovery competitions and we were hoping he may be ready for a few 5 yr old classes in the summer but with the Covid situation going on and no shows we may miss the entire summer, so can keep working on his fitness.

UPDATE - Lexi has had a fabulous summer once lockdown let us start up shows again. He has jumped Newcomers double clears and has contested 5 yr old finals at Weston Lawns, Bolesworth and Hickstead. He is really a super 5 yr old.


Fanta is our lovely 5 yr old mare we bought, again, from Jake Saywell in December 2019, in partnership with Sam Wilson. She was backed at the beginning of 2020 and i'v just put work into her through the year and she's been to a few shows. She did contest the 4 yr old final at Weston Lawns but was still very green but was so pleased we managed to qualify for it. Am really looking forward to this coming year and bringing her out to more shows and seeing her improve.


This is our 6 yr old, also bought from Jake in December 2019, Jimmy Choo. He's another big lad. I have an owner, Sam Wilson, who has bought Jimmy for me to compete and for us to have a bit of fun with. He hadn't done much either but is a clear round jumping machine and i'v stepped him up to Newcomers as he was finding British Novice too easy so he's jumping Discovery and Newcomers. Was really looking forward to a summer of shows with him but all is on hold for the moment.

UPDATE - Jimmy has contested 6 yr old finals at Weston Lawns and jumped well at Bolesworth and then unfortunatly missed Hickstead as got an injury just beforehand, but is back up and running again.


UPDATE: Jimmy has now moved onto a new rider and i look forward to cheering him on with her.

Valerie B




Valerie B, 2nd Childrens Final, Hickstead

Night Life




Wodehouse Serafina - bred us a foal in 2019, Lilly, by Whisper in the Wind

Enouvelle II - bred us a foal, Larry,  in 2019 to Fantaland

Enouvelle II

Cabecera - sold

Chipi BFZ - ridden for an owner now sold












Chipie BFZ